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Previous class:  Saturday, May 22nd - 1:30p - Gatsby's Bar, Raleigh, NC

Upcoming class:  Coming soon


Let me start by saying that in the beginning I did a lot carpentry classes and demos (pop-ups) in and around Raleigh to spread the word about our business.  I would bring various tools, different types of PPE, etc. to teach kids and their parents something carpentry related.  As always it was safety first.  I started out at relatively small places such as Pelagic Beer and Wine and Lilly's Pizza.  How do you use a hammer the right way?  What's the difference between a drill and an impact?  That circle of numbers behind a drill's chuck?  What's that all about?  How do you saw wood the right way?  How do you use a hand screw clamp?  What's a crescent wrench?  How are wrenches different than pliers?  It went on and on.  They were a lot of fun! 


Pretty soon the businesses got bigger, and included places such as Marbles Kids Museum, Kidzu Children's Museum, the Midtown Farmers Market at North Hills, and various events held at Dorothea Dix Park such as Touch-a-Truck and 5 Factors 5(an event for child abuse prevention).

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Built! at Kidzu Childrens Museum
Built! at Kidzu Childrens Museum

If you're a camp director and are looking to add a carpentry class to your summer program please let me know!  I'd love to share my passion with your community.