In addition to teaching kids the basics of carpentry/ woodworking I also design, build, and sell my own work.  A link to my Etsy page will be coming shortly, but I will be posting some of my merchandise here as well.


Send me an email via the Contacts page to purchase any items you see below.  


Plywood and Poplar Picture Frames:  $55.00

These frames are 10" square with a window, 6" square.  The bulk of the frame is made from ripping 3/4" whitewood plywood into 1" wide strips.  These strips are then turned on their side (thereby revealing the plies) and glued together along with a strip of Poplar that is 1 1/16" wide giving a slight reveal on the inside of the frame.  Each strip is sanded up to 800 grit, and the dust removed with a tack cloth before receiving it's first of three coats of Shellac.  After the final coat of Shellac is applied and has had time to fully cure there is another light sanding before the paste finishing wax is applied Each frame is very time consuming, but the end result is well worth it... a beautiful, modern picture frame that has an ultra smooth, shiny finish.

As previously mentioned, each frame has a poplar border.  Poplar is my favorite of all wood species given its enormous variety.  Strips vary from "blond"; green; to a dark, greenish brown.  That being said, each frame has its own personality.


Mini Pallet Coasters:  Pricing varies, see below


These coasters are 4" square with a height of 7/8".  The top slats are 5/8" wide.  Each coaster is sanded up to 400 grit, is given one coat of Shellac to bring out the grains luster, and one coat of Polycrylic for a bit of defense against any moisture that may drip down.

These mini pallet coasters are a lot of fun to make, and will make a great addition to your household.  The majority of these coasters are made of Poplar.

Coasters made of Poplar are $10. 

Order three for 5% off; four or more for 10% off.

I'm also making some of these mini pallet coasters out of Poplar and Purpleheart.  As a former graduate of East Carolina University I merely had the idea that "blondish" Poplar and Purpleheart would resemble ECU's purple and gold.  I first tried pairing the Poplar with Pine, but the two simply didn't work well with one another.  One thing I love about Poplar is that it's color varies greatly.  So, I went with the variety that's, as previously mentioned, more on the blonde side.  Bingo!  I first made some for my dad (a Pirate as well) followed by some for a few friends I went to school with.

Coasters made of Poplar and Purpleheart are $11.  

Order three for 5% off; four or more for 10% off.