In addition to teaching kids the basics of carpentry and woodworking alike, I take on commissions from time to time as well as design, build, and sell my own work.  A link to my Etsy page will be coming soon, but below are some picture frames that I make a lot of and absolutely love making.  Not terribly difficult to build from start to finish they are, however, very time consuming.  Read on to discover my passion behind each and every one and how you can order yours today.

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Picture Frames (Plywood and Poplar):  $55.00

These picture frames are 10" square with a window measuring 6" square.  The bulk of the frame is made from ripping 3/4" whitewood plywood into 1" wide strips.  These strips are then turned on their side thereby revealing the individual layers or plies of the plywood before being glued and clamped together alongside a strip of Poplar.  This band of Poplar is 1 1/16" wide that will eventually give a slight reveal on the outside of the frame. 


Each strip is sanded up to 800 grit.  The dust is removed with a tack cloth before receiving it's first of three coats of Shellac.  After the final coat of Shellac is applied and has had time to fully cure there is another light sanding before the paste finishing wax is applied and later buffed.

I usually give a day for the wax to harden before flipping it over and installing the glass, off-set clips, and the sawtooth hanger.  The absolute final step is torching my branding iron in which to stamp my name.  Each picture frame is a process, but the end result is well worth it... a beautiful, modern picture frame that has an ultra smooth, shiny finish.

One more final note.  If you're like me then you a) love Poplar and b) know that Poplar can vary greatly from one board to the next.  That being said, no two picture frames are alike as each one has its own "personality".  Enjoy.

Order yours today via the Contacts page.  To receive 10% off your order tell me what company invented the crescent wrench.