Long before I started building I was painting.  Growing up on the Outer Banks, my parents enrolled me in art lessons when I was around 10 years old with a talented, local artist by the name of James Melvin.  These paintings were mostly of things native to the area, i.e. lighthouses, marsh and beach scenery, and so on.  My love of painting and the arts as a whole stayed with me as a grew up.  I graduated in 2002 from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, concentration in painting.  A few years later I would graduate with a BA in Art History from UNC Wilmington.


Fast forward to 2008 I moved back to Raleigh, NC and began working in the design department at the North Carolina Museum of History.  For the next six years, in addition to the History Museum, I worked in the design department at Marbles Kids Museum and the North Carolina Museum of Art.  Painting and selling my own artwork on the side, below is a mix of work I was commissioned to do for Marbles Kids Museum, the North Carolina Museum of History, and a few other places.  If something catches your eye and you'd like an illustration of the style you see below please email me via the Contacts page.

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